Automatically loading favourites

Once I have added favouriting, it occured to me I could make Departure Board much more powerful and intelligent by automatically loading a favourite board when it is nearby. This feature could also be used with the Apple Watch glance to make that much relevant and useful.

For example, if my daily work commute is from Station A to Station B and I live 2km from station A and work 2km from Stations B.
I can set up my favourites as:
– Station A departures: calling at station B
– Station B departures: calling at station A
and enable automatically load favourites (with a distance > 2km) in the extras menu.

auto fave
Automatically load favourite board.

This will mean that when I am at home and load Departure Board I will be within range of one of my favourites and Departure Board will show that favourite and like wise when I am at work.

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Improving Departure Board

After releasing Departure Board, I made the decision to not work on it over the first six months and gauge the commercial potential of the application in the market. In the first three weeks after the launch of Departure Board, I have had a lot of feedback from users requesting a couple of additional features beyond the simple initial release; primarily:

Filter by calling point.

The reason behind this was because many stations in the UK have a lot of service running from them all the time. Therefore to view their journey options the user would need to scroll through a long list of mostly irrelevant trains. A filter by calling point would remove all of these trains from the list, only showing the suitable ones.

Favouriting Boards.

Quick access to stations that are not your local station was another highly requested feature. Many people who commute into big cities seem to work away from the train station they commute into. Therefore a list of favourite stations was requested.

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