First release

In 2012, I started this project by searching for a suitable API to provide the required train data. I found a few options only, but none were suitable. They either provided unreliable information or required me to run a server parsing a huge amount of train movement data, which is outside of my skill set.

Over the following years, I kept an eye on the available APIs and in September 2014, I discovered the newly released Live Departure Boards Web Service to access real time train information from Darwin by National Rail Enquires. This API was perfect; a light weight web service that I can query and retrieve the necessary train departure information.

There was also a lack of train apps that supported some features in iOS, particularly Today view and URL Schemes.

With an ideal data source found, I spent the next four months creating the initial release of Departure Board including the Apple Watch component. It was ready to go in January, but I was still waiting for access to a train stations list from a third party before I could release the app. Once I had access to the source and Apple started accepting Apple Watch apps, I submitted it to the App Store. On 10th April 2015, Departure Board went live on the App Store.

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